MJ called Allen Iverson a “Little Bitch” in their First Ever Meeting

MJ called Allen Iverson a “Little Bitch” in their First Ever Meeting

Like most of us, Allen Iverson grew up idolizing Michael Jordan. And, if you’ve had the pleasure of meeting your childhood sporting hero, it’s typically something special. That is, unless your meeting them in a competitive environment.

AI explains that their first encounter was not what he expected:



According to The Answer, MJ called him a “little bitch” when they met during the 1997 NBA All-Star Weekend.

What a way to meet your idol. We’re guessing that AI knew at that very moment, he was right in the thick of the NBA.

But Iverson got his own back when, about a month later, Iverson scrambled up Mike’s feet with one of his most famous crossover move of his Hall of Fame career.


Per Complex:


“The first time I ever talked to him was that year, playing in the rookie game,” Iverson said a wide-ranging interview. “I’ll never forget it, because he said, ‘wassup, you little bitch?’ I’ll never forget it. I looked at him like … ‘Aight, man.’”


“I always knew when I got to the elite I was going to try my move on the best, so he was just a victim that night,” Iverson said of the infamous cross on Jordan.

“I remember one time I was telling him I went to Charlotte game and I was telling him how much he meant to me and how much I rocked with him and he said, ‘You wouldn’t have rocked with me like that because you wouldn’t have crossed me like that.’”


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