The Firing of Ty Lue Further Proves LeBron Has Had Only One Good Coach in His Entire Career

The Firing of Ty Lue Further Proves LeBron Has Had Only One Good Coach in His Entire Career

Imagine if he had Phil Jackson or Pop!

When we heard that LeBron James was leaving the Cavs for the second time, we just knew his hometown team would be in dire straights.

But we didn’t expect it to be this bad. A winless start over the first six games of the ​​NBA Season just proves that a King-less Cavs was a little too much for head coach ​Tyronn Lue to handle. But we all saw that coming, right?

How does one go from coaching a team to four-straight NBA Finals to axed, within six games? It just adds more weight to the reputation of LeBron James,’ ability to carry a team — hell, an entire organization — to greatness.

When he is on a team, the coach and franchise often look amazing (Mike Brown, we’re talking about you). But when LeBron leaves, ​his former team becomes a shell of what it once was.

Brown, who coached Cleveland from 2005-10 and again from 2013-14 had a 75-78 record without James in his coaching career, including his stint as the coach of the Lakers. David Blatt has not coached in the NBA since being fired midway thorough the 2015-16 season and, of course, Lue could not even win a single game without James on his roster.

Erik Spoelstra is the only coach to have any real success on his own, boasting an average just above .500, with a 263-234 scoreline without James. Spoelstra has of course had other stars to work with, namely Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, but so did Lue, who still had five-time All-Star Kevin Love on his team this year, and Mike Brown coached the Kyrie (albeit a young one)

But it fould be worse. James’ current coach Luke Walton can’t even seem to figure it out with LeBron on his team — they are off to a 2-5 start in 2018.

The fact that James has won championships and had historic regular seasons despite not-so-great coaches further adds to the GOAT column for Bron Bron and, when compared to Michael’s two retirements from the Bulls, the performance of their respetive teams the following years are drastically different.

The 94 bulls went and in 95

then 98 bulls and 99 went.

For LeBrons Cavs, they went xx and xx

both guys clearly carried their teams, but this difference is huge and not spoken about enough.

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