This Photo of LeBron James Dunking Proves he’s Superhuman

This Photo of LeBron James Dunking Proves he’s Superhuman


The King is Superhuman. It’s now a fact. Apart from his obvious athletic ability and his philanthropy that we’ve all witnessed over the last 15 seasons, 1143 games and 44,298 court minutes, he’s still getting better each and every year.

The four-time NBA MVP has been dominant in the league his whole career. But you;d think after 15 season, he’d be slowing down, right


His newest Instagram post shows just how much of a beast the almost 34-year old is.

Just look at where his damn head is.

I don’t care whether you root for or against him, any true basketball fan appreciates his greatness, especially his continued dominance year after year after damn year.

James, ​who recently signed with the Los Angeles Lakers, is expected to help add another championship to the franchise.

If the three-time NBA champion can continue to defy father time, the window will remain open for the opportunity to win multiple championships in the near future.


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Man I love this game!! THANK YOU ? #striveforgreatness? #justakidfromakron ? photo cred. @cassyathenaphoto ?

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