VIDEO // Joel Embiid Says DeAndre Ayton is Gonna Get His Ass Beat This Year

VIDEO // Joel Embiid Says DeAndre Ayton is Gonna Get His Ass Beat This Year

From the mouth of the NBA’s biggest troll.

Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid tells it like it is when it comes to his criticisms of NBA players. His latest victim is this year’s number one overall pick and Phoenix Suns center​ ​DeAndre Ayton. Embiid joined ESPN’s “The Jump” Friday and to give his thoughts on the rookie center and, once again, they weren’t a rousing endorsement.

Yes, Embiid thinks the kid needs to be ready to get his ass kicked.

Naturally, this anger is mostly aimed at Chauncey Billups, who had the audacity on a draft broadcast to compare Ayton and Embiid, triggering the Sixers star to point out Ayton’s deficient defense, a trait you could never ascribe to Philly’s big man.

During his one year at Arizona, Ayton averaged more than 20 points and 11 boards a game. He did this while shooting over 61 percent from the field and even knocking down just over 34 percent of his three-pointers. For Joel Embiid, however, this is just another rookie, and the former Kansas standout isn’t too worried about Ayton just yet. Frankly, the kid needs to work on his defense.

Embiid isn’t shy at taking shots on and off the floor. Today he also made headlines when he had this to say about his new GM Elton Brand.

When players are roasting their own general manager, ​nobody can truly be safe, and Joel Embiid has been doing this since he’s been in the league.

DeAndre Ayton is set to face off against Embiid on November 19 when the Suns come to Philly. We can be sure both Ayton and Embiid have this game already marked on their calendars.

This article first appeared on 12up.

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