VIDEO // NBA Tweets Blake Griffin Doing Weak AF Workouts

VIDEO // NBA Tweets Blake Griffin Doing Weak AF Workouts

Wow — that was motivating . . .

Before we start, yeah, we know that Blake Griffin is ripped AF.

He’s been a beast since his days at Oklahoma, but the NBA’s Twitter account really did him no justice, recently posting a video of the Detroit Pistons forward “putting in work” — which were, frankly, workouts that any weekend warrior could achieve.


Sorry NBA, that ain’t it.

Was that supposed to get me pumped up for the upcoming NBA season? If that’s whats to come, I might reconsider my League Pass purchase.

Seriously, what the hell is the first 20-25 seconds of that video? I’m a past Personal Trainer — I get it, but it’s not really the sexiest exercise to get people lit about the season.

But maybe, just maybe if he added a little more weight, and probably a lot more reps, Griffin might stop being shut down at the rim.

We joke, though. Only because the big man has has a rough off season — from child support battles to getting flamed by my fellow Aussie Joe Ingles on Twitter — this guy deserves a break, but the NBA aren’t helping him here.

Here’s hoping he puts in his best year yet at the Pistons this season. Good luck champ!

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