Check out Breezy’s insane sneaker collection

Check out Breezy’s insane sneaker collection



Well, y’all know CB is one of our favorite sneakerheads – And we’ve always known about his insane collection but boy – we didn’t know just how big it was.

We’d previously covered Breezy’s Top Jordan Moments, where we flashed back to an instagram image of his sneaker room (yes, an entire room) – but guess what? there’s even more.

Chris Brown caught up with Complex Closets this week to chat his love for Allen Iverson growing up (feeling that) and how he once brought 1,000 pairs of shoes on tour.

And of course, this true sneaker heads rocks ALL of his kicks.

Check out Breezy’s sick collection, but also get a look at his dope AF artwork he has produced throughout the walls of his LA home. The dude is ultra talented in everything he does – much respect for that.




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