Tinker has nothing but praise for this “Reality to Idea” artist

Tinker has nothing but praise for this “Reality to Idea” artist

Tinker tips his hat to Joshua Vides unique style.

Joshua Vides has been breaking the internet – in the sneaker world at least – over the last few months with his sketch-like editions of Jordan and Nike classics. The think-tank down at Jordan Brand liked them so much, they invited the artist down to their All-Star weekend pop-up.

And it wasn’t only the fans who were impressed with his “Reality to Idea” concept. Nike legend Tinker Hatfield fell in love with his reverse engineering of the design process.

While putting his touch on the classic Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 3, armed with nothing but a black marker and his ideas, it caught the design god’s eye. Vides got the once in a lifetime opportunity to sit down with Tinker and talk about the design process from sketch to reality – and back again to sketch.

“I love what you’re doing. Because you’re actually highlighting the thought process of composition,” Hatfield told Vides. “And I love that. I dunno, a good shoe always looks nice when you see those lines called out a little bit. If it’s a lousy design, then it would be a mess. Too many lines. Or maybe lines that just don’t really work well together. So this is really fun to see this, because it is sort of the reverse process. He’s reversing the process where he’s designing like the original sketches. But he’s doing it from a different perspective — I don’t even know how to describe it. But I love it.”

Visit air.jordan.com to read the rest of the conversation between Hatfield and Vides.

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