Jeff Staple shares some samples

Jeff Staple shares some samples

The most notoriously popular Nike SB Dunk release is of course the “Pigeon” from 2005 that made news worldwide, after streets inNew York City had to be shut down do to excessive violence caused but the hype. It was a first explosion of sneaker culture to the mainstream, and it’s a moment all old heads recall with clarity.

Jeff Staple’s design skills did return in 2017 to less of a fuss, but it still came with great expectations

Today, Jeff took it to social media to share a never-before-seen White and Black “Pigeon” Nike SB Dunk Low Sample, along with some of the differences between the samples leading to the final “Black Pigeon” release, including a pair that was 99% there, minus a few details. Can you spot the difference?

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