Krink is back in the Lab with Nike

Krink is back in the Lab with Nike


If you were going through high school during the early 2000’s, you’ll have no doubt seen many wannabe graphers take to their own pairs of AF1 lows. And if they did, theres a 100% chance those guys always skipped math to smoke bongs behind the bike shed.

But despite my associations, these graffiti flavored customs from Krink are damn fine. But before you get a little tempted to roll up a durry, you’re likely not going to get your hands on any of these.

Craig Costello, the man behind the customs, has been cruising aroundt Nike’s NYC customisation lab as a liv in artist, which is where these gems were imagined.

While we’re not expecting a release (or future collab) if you are in NYC, be sure to stop by and check out his work.


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