Nike want to create treadmill-fitting sneakers

Nike want to create treadmill-fitting sneakers

Wild, wild thoughts.

Nike have built their success on innovation. It’s no secret that Nike have (usually) been first with new technologies that can leave competitors decades behind in an instant. Air Max, Flyknit, VaporMax, 3D printing and self-lacing, Nike have been leading the way for over 35 years.

But their next intention is a little left field. Tinker and his team want to put a treadmill in your sneakers.

No, the mechanism isn’t designed to help you burn off that Krispy Kreme you had for brunch, it’s intention is to help you get into your sneakers easier — but the question is, is it really that much of a challenge?

Nike’s rotatable conveyor patent is ‘configured to rotatably engage a body part of the wearer as the foot enters the space and draw the foot into the space.’

Essentially, it’s a mechanical shoehorn.

While it’s not known exactly how it will work – magnetic field or switch, we can’t wait to see what Nike come up with — if they decide the idea is really worth pursuing to begin with.

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