Nike’s New Shanghai Store is the Apex of Innovation

Nike’s New Shanghai Store is the Apex of Innovation

The innovators innovate again.

Nike’s new store in Shanghai, has been self-labelled one of the brand’s “biggest innovation moments.” And that’s coming from a company who have risen to the top almost exclusively by their ability to innovate.

The store is called Shanghai 001 and is a ‘House of Innovation’ — the first of its kind in the world, with a second HOI New York City store to follow this Fall.

Located in the city’s iconic Nanjing East Road shopping district, it spans a crazy four stories and 41,150 square feet — I bet the rent ain’t cheap!

But it’s the selection of hyper-localalized, exclusive products and gear that shoppers will find in the cross-category store that makes this store so special.The top floor houses a ‘Nike by You’ studio, which provides location-specific customization opportunities. NikePlus members can have one-on-one sessions with a designer to customize select shoes, including dip-dye, embroidery, and more.

Plus, it’ll be one of the first locations to stock Nike’s latest products, like the upcoming Air Jordan XXXIII.

But it’s got a little more to it than it’s obvious retail clout. In addition to the merchandise, Shanghai 001 will play host to panel sessions, workshops, and other events.

Now, all that’s left to do is experience it all. But, if you’re not heading to China any time soon, check out the detailed shots below, courtesy of Nike.

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