Reebok and Khalid Announce Global Partnership

Reebok and Khalid Announce Global Partnership

Reebok has officially announced its global partnership with Grammy-nominated global superstar Khalid. The partnership amplifies a collective mission to inspire creativity and encourage experimentation and self-expression in today’s youth.

“I’m amped to partner with Reebok,” said Khalid. “I love how they mix old and new and honor the classics with fresh twists. I hope we can inspire a new generation of people to be themselves and take creative chances.”

In spring 2020, Khalid will make his Reebok debut in its first Sport the Unexpected campaign of the year, which will pair immersive elements of irreverence and the surreal with Khalid’s authentic and charismatic self to tell an unexpected story. The campaign’s visual storytelling will highlight Khalid’s natural energy, while showcasing Reebok’s heritage through a contemporary lens.

“Khalid continues to be a beacon of originality, pride and imagination for today’s rising youth,” said Matt Blonder, VP of Marketing and Digital Brand Commerce at Reebok. “Through his unique sound and a personal journey that took him across the country, Khalid authentically symbolizes our common ethos – to inspire creativity and encourage experimentation. We’re privileged to welcome him to our family.”

Stay tuned for further updates on Khalid’s debut Reebok collection this Spring.

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