Customizer Julian Gaines went HAM on these Levi’s x Air Jordan 4’s


And we’re kind of feeling it.

There’s just something about your favorite pair of Jeans. They’ve been worn in, stretched out, colors have bled and frayed. Hell, you probably even have a few memorable stains, rips and tears in them. That’c the character that makes denim such a timeless fabric. And that worn-in feeling is exactly what  people have been talking about when it comes to the Levi’s x Air Jordan 4’s.

Customizer Julian Gaines just couldnt wait. He fast-forwarded the process in the matter of hours. He took to his pair of J’s by fraying the tongue and paneling, splattering paint throughout the denim canvas and applying a sandpaper technique to select portions of the shoe. Just what some of us wanted – minus the paint.

Do you prefer the clean sleek out-of-the-box look? Or can’t you wait to wear them in (or out)? tell us in the comments section below!