Available Now // Architect ​​Kengo Kuma and ASICS Unveil Yatara Bamboo-Inspired Metaride AMU

Available Now // Architect ​​Kengo Kuma and ASICS Unveil Yatara Bamboo-Inspired Metaride AMU

Fusing his own design philosophy with that of footwear institution ASICS, Japanese architect God Kengo Kuma has crafted what he considers to be his smallest building yet with a collaborative take of the brand’s staple METARIDE silhouette.

The Kengo Kuma x ASICS Metaride AMU Sneaker is more than a contemporary running shoe, it’s a passion project that bridges the gap between novel intricacies and functional design. Kuma achieves this through the unique, textured exterior, which boasts interwoven synthetic strips that mimic Yatara-knit bamboo and work hand-in-hand with the shoe’s ecologically-conscious wood-derived textile midsole to promote proper running techniques. Like any good design, the overlays are strategically placed to hold the foot steady, working in harmony with the base layer to ensure a comfortable and supportive fit. Everything is secured by a toggle lacing system, and the strips cleverly form an ASICS graphic on the midfoot.

Pairs of the Kengo Kuma x ASICS METARIDE AMU will launch exclusively on ASICS Japan’s website, as well as in-store drops at retail locations in Harajuku and Osaka on December 20 for ¥36,000 JPY.

Update 01.25.20 // After a regional release in Japan late last year, pairs of Kengo Kuma’s ASICS Metaride AMU sneaker have landed Stateside, and are available right now from ASICS.com for $360.


Japan Release Date: December 20, 2019
US Release Date: January 25th, 2020
Price: $360

Where to Buy:
ASICS USA Available Now

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