Concept Lab // Air Jordan 4 “Makin’ Bank”

Concept Lab // Air Jordan 4 “Makin’ Bank”

It’s no secret that Mike makes bank from his Jordan Brand stake — almost 130 million a year, in fact. The GOAT’s presence in Nike Inc is literally a license to print money, and most of that is rooted in his retrospective range. Today, we pay homage to Mikes’s ability to make a bank; After all, he’s the first Billion-dollar hooper. Whether it comes from endorsements, gambling, or from his stake in the Brand – it just keeps on rolling in.

We’ve taken that notion to a concept sneaker heavily (and fittingly) influenced by the Air Jordan 4 “Pure Money”. But there’s money, and then there’s Mike money. And with Pure Money anchored in simple white leather and chrome, it only makes sense that this would feature a luxurious upgrade. With plush white suede and a bold metallic golds at the eyelets, rear Jumpman, and heel detail, it’s a colorway fit for a GOAT.

All that gold truly captures Mike’s transition from hooper to Billionaire and his Makin’ Bank mentality.

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Air Jordan 4 “Makin’ Bank”

from the HOUSE OF HEAT Concept Lab

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