Concept Lab // Ralph Lauren x Air Jordan 4 “Polo Pack”

Concept Lab // Ralph Lauren x Air Jordan 4 “Polo Pack”

This needs to happen.

I’ve been dreaming about making these in the Lab for a long, long time.

Here’s why:

Years ago, in another life, I used to manage a Ralph Lauren flagship store. I love everything about their brand — and I mean everything. Their epic campaign shoots, how Ralph redefined Men’s and Womenswear and mostly the left-field inspiration. I remember reading product books about how Lauren discovered old leather jackets from the 40s  at an old ranch out west. Or how a single argyle design from a college logo could influence an entire collection. Lauren and the brand he created are masters of storytelling.

It’s probably why I feel this collaboration would work on so many levels. Sure, the two brands are worlds apart in what they offer, but the parallels between Jordan Brand and Ralph Lauren are eerily similar, in terms of product development, inspiration and storytelling.

Plus, Ralph himself has been known to rock Air Jordans here and there:

But as wild as some of the stories can be from both brands, there’s something understated about the bare basics. For Ralph Lauren, it’s the Polo shirt. RL built their entire empire off the back of a single, classic shirt. It’s only fitting that this is the inspiration behind today’s “Polo Pack” or Air Jordan 4s.

I’ve also kept the colors basic, picking the 5 popular BSR (basic stock) Polo colors of Navy, Yellow, Pink, Chatham Blue, and Red. Each pair arrives in Polo mesh cotton uppers on a crisp white sole unit paired with metallic gold or silver eyelets and dual branding on the tongues and heels.

A collab I’ve been dreaming about for ages has finally taken shape. Now, let’s just hope it happens for real.

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Ralph Lauren x Air Jordan 4 “Polo Pack”

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