Yikes! 17 of Kanye’s most unforgettable moments

Yikes! 17 of Kanye’s most unforgettable moments

A look back at Kanye’s best worst moments.

Congratulations has got to go out to Kanye West. He’s just scored himself his eighth consecutive number 1 album with Ye. From an artistic standpoint, he’s been incredible. Some would disagree, pinning it all down to the pre-releaase shitstorm than Kanye lays out before any upcoming drop, be it sneakers or music.

Of course, there is merit to those claims. Kanye has a reputation for creating his own talking points — and as they say, any publicity is good publicity, right?

So to say congratulations to the College Dropout, we’re taking a look back at 17 times Ye has made his mark, good or bad.

And believe me, it was tough to boil it down to just 17 instances.

1. Kanye proclaims his greatness.

During an interview with the iconic US publication in 2013, Ye’ claims he is like the “Steve Jobs of the internet, downtown, fashion, culture,” as he called himself the most credible person in the world and at the forefront of trends. He also said, “I am the nucleus,” and declared he will one day be worth a billion dollars (something he continues to say), before adding that his fighting instinct has only led him to “complete awesomeness.”

2. Kanye plans to boycott the MTV VMAs.

In 2006, Kanye received five nominations at the MTV Music Video Awards but went home with nothing. In true Kanye fashion, in a backstage rant, he vowed to boycott the awards, saying; “That’s two years in a row…Give a black man a chance!”. But the boycott didn’t last long, he was back at the awards just two years later.

3. Kanye says he should have won at the VMAs

Yea, the boycott in 2006 was a long-time coming. After Kanye bombed out on the award for Best New Artist at the 2004 AMAs, he admitted that he felt “robbed” and claimed: “I was the best new artist this year”. He was right, though; the award went to Maroon 5.

4. Kanye disses JT.

Also in 2013, during a show in London, Kanye attacked Jay-Z’s collaboration partner when he rapped: “I got love for Hov but I ain’t f*****g with that ‘Suit & Tie.”

5. Kanye crashes Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech.

Who could forget Kanye’s cringe-worthy moment at the 2009 VMAs, where he stormed the stage during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for her award for the Best Female Video. He grabbed the microphone and said; “Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you, I’mma let you finish, but Beyoncé has one of the best videos of all time. One of the best videos of all time!”. B didn’t look happy, nor did Jay-Z, the man responsible for Kanye West’s celebrity.

6. Ye has no regrets about it, either.

During an interview with the New York Times, Yeezus said the only reason he apologized was because of peer pressur, and he still had no regrets about the interruption. Then he claims to have made “that bitch” famous from it, and for once, he actually has a point. Swifts records sales more than quadrupled since the incident — and that’s the power of Kanye at it’s best.

7. Kanye goes off on live TV.

This is one of the best Kanye West moments to date. During a live TV fundraiser for the victims of hurricane Katrina, Kanye, sided by Mike Myers, ditched his prepared lines and went on a now-famous Kanye rant, making the bold claim that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people”. And poor Mike had to sit there through it all with a straight face. Needless to say, it wasn’t long before the producers pulled the plug on Ye’s antics.

8. Kanye labels festival organizers “Squid Brains”

After Kanye hit the stage two hours late at a Tennessee music festival in 2008, fellow musician Robert Randolph led the audience in a ‘Kanye sucks’ chant. Unfortunately, the full boar of Kanye’s anger was unloaded on a helpless laptop. He wrote on his blog; “I’m typing so f*****g hard I might break my f*****g Mac book Air!!!!!!!!…WE WERE OBVIOUSLY DEALING WITH F*****G IDIOTS WHO DIDN’T REALLY HAVE THE CAPACITY TO REALLY PUT ON THIS SHOW PROPERLY. THEY TRIED 2 GIVE ME A TIME SLOT WHERE IT WAS STILL LIGHT OUTSIDE … I HAVE A F******G LIGHT SHOW DUMB A**, IT’S NOT CALLED GLOW IN THE DARK FOR NO REASON SQUID BRAINS!”

9. “People look at me like I’m Hitler”

Is there anyone Kanye hasn’t compared himself to? Not even the leader of the Third Reich, the Axis ofEevil himself, Adolf Hitler is safe. At the 2011 the Big Chill festival, he went on another mid-concert rant: “I walk through the hotel and I walk down the street and people look at me… like I’m Hitler”.

10. Kanye West Claims ‘Touch The Sky’ Should Have Won EMA.

Yeah, Kanye also interrupted the 2006 MTV EMA’s, crashing the stage is like a second home for the Chicagoan. The rapper once again snatched the mic when he didn’t agree with the chosen award winner. This time, he believed his ‘Touch the Sky’ video should have won because it “cost a million dollars and Pamela Anderson was in it.”.

Gotta love Kanye logic.

11. Kanye West disagrees with a reporter’s critical review

We all know Kanye’s never been one to take criticism well. So when a reporter rated his “Glow In The Dark” tour a B+, Kanye didn’t hold back on his blog. He wrote: “What’s a B+ mean? I’m an extremist, its either pass or fail! A+ or F-! You know what, f**k you and the whole f*****g staff!”

12. Kanye unleashes on the paparazzi.

There’s been a few incidents of Ye’ going nuts at the paparazzi, but back in 2008 was the first. Kanye was arrested for vandalism after he broke a £6000 camera that the paparazzi were trying to snap him with. Pocket change for the billion-dollar baby.

13. Kanye West jokes about his lack of awards.

Kanye finally won an award when ‘College Dropout’ was named Best Rap Album at the 2005 Grammys. It was safe to say that everyone was probably more relieved than Kanye was, the fear of another gate-crashed stage had passed. During his acceptance speech, Kanye admitted if the award didn’t go his way, he would have gone full-Kanye, saying: “A lot of people were wondering what I was going to do if I didn’t win anything … I guess we’ll never know.”

I kinda wish he didn’t win now, just to see what would have happened.


14. Kanye’s biggest regret.

Kanye gave us the best look yet into his dementia, showing us a glimpse of his modesty when he shared one of his deepest thoughts on regret: “My greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live.”

15. Kanye claims he’s Picasso.

He’s no stranger to comparing himself to the greats of the world, but in another on stage rant, Kanye told the crowd in a Paris show: “I am Picasso. I am Michelangelo. I am Basquiat. I am Walt Disney. I am Steve Jobs”. This was before his “Life of Pablo album, and obviously fuelled his inspiration for the project’s title.

16. Kanye professes his love for Trump.

“I hate the fact that because I’m a celebrity, everybody told me not to say that I loved the debates. I loved (Trump’s) approach,” West said, adding that Trump has inspired racists to reveal themselves.

He also said he didn’t even vote, but if he did, it would have been for Donald. Also, Kanye is still planning on running for president in 2020. He’ll probably even win.

17. Kanye says slavery was a choice.

When you hear about slavery for 400 years … 400 years? that sounds like a choice.

Let’s not get into this one.

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