3 Reasons the 76ers Have Been Absolute Garbage in 2018

3 Reasons the 76ers Have Been Absolute Garbage in 2018

Silly, Philly.

The Philadelphia 76ers were hyped up before the start of the season. In retrospect, probably a little too much. i think everyone forgot how the Celtics wiped the floor with them in the post season.

But despite their poor end to the season, all signs indicated that the 76ers would be one of the powerhouses of the Eastern Conference this year alongside the aforementioned Celtics and the Kawhi Leonard led Raptors.

But so far- in true 76ers fashion — we’ve all been let down.Here are three reasons why:

3. Lack of Shooters

The loss of Marco Belinelli and Ersan İlyasova may not have seemed terrible at first, but they were valuable shooting threats, forcing defending teams to stay accountable. But as a result of their departures the 76ers haven’t been able to shoot the ball efficiently like they did last season, and it’s killing their offense.

2. Markelle Fultz

Everyone has high hopes for Fultz, but we’re not seeing any signs of greatness yet. he’s doing OK. Just OK. And after re-learning his shot, Fultz has still been timid from beyond the arc.

The 76ers need Fultz to be the scorer and playmaker they expected. Grab the game by the scruff of the neck and take over. But as of right now, he just looks lost in confidence, like a school boy playing amongst grown men.

1. Careless Defense

Allowing Blake Griffin to drop a career-high 50, as well as an impressive triple-double for Giannis Antetokounmpoin the first few games isn’t a great way to start defensively.

With Fultz and Saric on the court, the defense looks lazy at best. What’s even worse, the 76ers have committed numerous careless fouls in key situations, and do not look cohesive as a defensive unit.

Luckily for the Sixers, there’s plenty of time left to turn it around. After all — we’ve been told to ‘Trust the Process’ — perhaps we just need to give it a little more time.

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