Kyle Kuzma Signs First-Ever Deal with GOAT

Kyle Kuzma Signs First-Ever Deal with GOAT

Just Kuz.

NBA roasting God and LA Laker Kyle Kuzma has partnered with sneaker app GOAT, becomming the brand’s first athlete partnership.

It couldn’t have happened at a better time for both parties, with the 2018-19 season will be the first in which players have full freedom to wear pretty much whatever the hell they want on foot.

“GOAT has inspired me to start collecting more seriously and build my style around sneakers,” said Kuzma. “People assume that, as an NBA athlete, you can get access to any kind of sneaker you want. When in reality, it’s hard to get the exclusive releases or shoes from the past, and feel confident they’re authentic. GOAT gives me a second chance at not only the limited releases I missed, but also the shoes I wasn’t able to afford growing up.”

Earlier this week, we revealed a series of NikeiD that freshman and sophomore athletes, including Kuzma, that will be rocking on opening night. But after that, expect some serious Nike steez from the league’s biggest pest.

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