Leaked! New colorways Nike React Element 87

Leaked! New colorways Nike React Element 87


Ok, the new Nike React Element 87 may have only just released today, but people are already calling it the sneaker of the year. And after seeing a few more colorways that leaked today, we’re gonna have to agree on that one.

The three new color options set for early next year don’t disappoint — a hard feat to achieve after it’s early success. Let’s just hope Nike don’t go HAM on colorways and ruin it before it gets a chance to develop into a brand staple.

Light blue with pink is an instant winner, with the citrus taking it’s time to resonate, but we’re already falling in love. The third pair rides the Acronym wave all the way to the bank.

No release dates are locked in, but we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop!

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