Nike accused of I.T. piracy

Nike accused of I.T. piracy

A crackdown on cracks.

Nike are being sued by an IT administration company for the alleged piracy of their software.

Californian company Quest, who provide companies with tech to manage databases, are suing Nike for alleged piracy fo their software.

The official complaint states that an audit revealed ‘Nike had used pirated keys to bypass the Quest License Key System and made unauthorized copies of certain Quest Software Products by breaking the technological security measures Quest had in place.’

Now, we’ve all used cracks from time to time, but a global beast like Nike are being accused of using multiple cracks to gain licenses to their proprietary software. Which could mean a big, BIG payday for Quest if Nike are found guilty.

A little bit ironic, considering Nike are one of the biggest pursuants when it comes to suing counterfeit producers.

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