The Price of the Nike Dunk Will Not Increase in 2022

The Price of the Nike Dunk Will Not Increase in 2022

Update 09.07.22 // A senior Nike representative has confirmed with Hypbeast that the price of the Nike Dunk will not increase in 2022, with the current prices tipped to remain stable. Just for how long these prices will remain was not clarified, but for the time beaing, prices will be staying put.

First Report 09.01.22 // Inflation has surely got everyone a little worried; the brands included. With rising costs of labor and materials, we’ve seen sneaker prices rise in small-but-gradual increments. The Air Jordan 1 has been the hottest topic of discussion in this arena, with the 37-year-old silhouette charging $180 retail — jumping up from $160 just a few years back. Another old tech that’s about to jump up is the Nike Dunk, which itself received a price jump mere months ago.

Now retailing at $110 and $125 respectively, the Nike Dunk Low and Nike Dunk High will jump to $120 and $130 USD each; an extra $10 again for any SE (Special Edition) release.

Prices are expected to rise next quarter.

Info via @brandon1an

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