This designer turns recycled sneakers into exclusive bags


Secure the bag.

South Korean designer Jinah Jung of JUNG is currently flexing her latest project, Con-shoesness: Military Monster Series, on the ‘gram, ahead of the collection’s debut at Plan 8 in Paris on June 20th.

The collection is mostly made up of bags and cases that have been constructed from recycled Le Coq Sportif sneaker samples..

“It is not a project with Le Coq Sportif officially,” Jung says. “I asked Le Coq Sportif’s global creative director Fédéric Pertusier if he has sample shoes, so he gave them to me. Because those shoes were prototype shoes which made only one side, they couldn’t wear and they couldn’t sell. They are glad to do the recycling and I am glad to use them but for the moment.”

Love them or hate them, one things for sure — these won’t leave you confused at the airport baggage claim.

Grab a detailed look at a few of the styles below.