14 Fresh New Balance 327 Colorways for Summer/Fall Revealed!

14 Fresh New Balance 327 Colorways for Summer/Fall Revealed!

The further we push into 2020, it’s becoming clearer that the New Balance 327 — along with the 992 — will be the future focal point for the Boston-based brand. And now, after revealing over 10 new Summer/Fall colorways for the 992 last month, we’re doing the same for the 327. We’ve uncovered not one, not two, but fourteen new options of the New Balance 327 for both men and women. For the most part, pairs arrive with predominately neutral tones, a few feature vibrant color pops, and one of the women’s pairs even features patent leather. Uppers range from nylon to canvas to mesh, with all overlays arriving in suede — some shaggier than others

Grab a detailed look at the fourteen freshly-revealed options here below, and expect to see all of these hit retailers over the Summer and Fall seasons. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on each release right here on our official Twitter account, as well as our dedicated New Balance Release Calendar.

In related news, a purple and black 327 has also recently been revealed.

New Balance 327

Summer/Fall Lineup

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